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5 Things All Sales Managers Should Monitor in their Pipeline in their Martial Arts Studio

salespeopleWe’ve put together a list of the top 5 things sales managers should be keeping a close eye on as they review the opportunities being worked by their teams. Providing focused coaching to keep the sales team managing towards a closed sale will certainly help sales supervisors make the most significant possible impact on results.

  1. Time Spent in Front of Clients/Customers

To grow add-on revenue there is no better place to spend time than with your customers and clients. However, today your clients are busy and do not have time to simply catch-up.

Your clients are facing brand-new challenges. In order to gain face time and deliver value you need to understand these challenges and be prepared to address them.

  1. Have a Valid Business Reason for each Phone call

Prospects, just like your existing customers, have brand-new obstacles they are attempting to solve. Salespeople, like those trained by Naperville and Aurora growth strategy expert Jeff Bishop who can verbalize how they can create value and solve these problems are far more likely to get their phone calls as well as voice mails returned. Find out what your sales people are saying when they are trying to secure appointments. Which salespeople are getting the most effective return on their phone calls? As a manager, you need to be leveraging these selling “best-practices” across your entire team.

  1. Get to the Senior Decision Maker

These days more C-Level execs are getting involved with investing and budget plan choices. It’s transforming the buying process and also leaving many companies ill-prepared to readjust their sales strategies. Securing time in the C-Suite will enhance succeed prices as opportunities obtain even more complex.

Questions to ask your group:

Have you recognized who the ultimate decision maker is?

Have you spoken directly to this decision maker?

Do you realize the challenges this firm are trying to solve as viewed thru the lens of this decision maker?

  1. If you are Giving Discounts, Get something in Return!

A Sandler Sales Institute rule is to always get in return something equal to or greater in value to what you gave away. Make sure your sales team knows how to leverage each and every discount.

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  1. Fail Quickly and Invest in your Winners

When sales are low, salespeople have a tendency to hold on to opportunities longer compared to usual. Top sales companies are more than three times likely to have an established process to know when to quit investing time, energy and resources on prospective deals. Do you? Everything you invest in a dog-deal cannot be invested in a potential winner so the ability to get rid of the losers quickly is a skill you need to have and you need to be teaching to your sales team.

The reality is sales managers can’t efficiently manage every sale. It isn’t efficient use of time. Similar to a terrific coach who cannot run onto the field when a play is failing, your best results will come from assisting your team and helping them leverage their strengths. It’s not easy running a great company and trying to get terrific numbers, but here growth strategy expert Jeff Bishop tells all. Visit to learn more about how you can drive your sales up to the next level!